8 Corporate Gifts for Christmas 2016

Posted by Sherlock 07/10/2016 1 Comment(s)

October is drawing closer, which means that soon, Christmas will be upon us. You might think it’s too soon to start planning ahead, but before you know it, everyone will be stringing up lights and the malls will be chockablock full of people jostling through the crowds to find gifts that they haven’t even thought of yet for people they care about.


You don’t want to be part of that mayhem, do you? Especially if you’ve got the task of finding gifts for your employees. This handy list will help you find the things your employees really want.


1. Fitbit

Your executive assistant is always rushing about for you, why not make their steps really count. This is the perfect gift for anyone that is into fitness and you can be sure it will get plenty of use!


2. A good bottle of wine

If you know your employee enjoys a good glass of wine, choose a quality bottle of New Zealand’s best wine. It won’t go to waste!


3. $50 & $100 holiday vouchers

Perhaps the best gift you can give your employees is a $50 gift voucher to use at one of the luxurious Millennium, Copthorne & Kingsgate Hotels across New Zealand. Your employees can use it toward the cost of accommodations or food and beverage items. It will make their next holiday escape even sweeter.


If you are able to spend a little more than $50, go for the $100 gift voucher to be used at all participating Millennium Hotels in New Zealand.


4. Travel bag

The next business trip you send your employees on could be their most stylish one yet, if you select an appropriate travel bag. It should have plenty of room for all the essentials when it comes to carry-on bags.


5. Kindle

For your employees that love to read and are always on the go, a Kindle makes for a fabulous gift. They can take their collection of books with them anywhere and enjoy reading during their breaks.


6. Fine coffee or tea assortments

If your employee is always drinking coffee or tea, it’s a safe bet that they’ll love receiving quality coffee or tea products. There are some beautifully-arranged gift baskets out there that also include mugs to round out this thoughtful gift.


7. Paid time off

No one in the office will ever complain if you give them the day off and pay for their time on top of it. It’s one of the best ways to show your appreciation and give out a heaping dose of holiday cheer.


8. USB Battery Pack

For the employee that is always making your phone calls and always looking up everything you need, from their smartphones, keep them well-charged by gifting them a portable power charger that will keep their battery running strong.