7 Must-See Places in New Zealand

Posted by Sherlock 01/10/2016 0 Comment(s)

New Zealand is one of the world’s most beautiful countries. If you’re lucky enough to be here, then you simply must explore the country from top to bottom. There’s so much to do and see though, so where does one begin? Try these must-see places out first!


1. Wellington

With such strong Maori roots, this is a great city for history buffs to walkabout. Quite literally too, as it is a very walkable city, particularly in the downtown area. Museums and cafes make for easy entertainment. For a more active approach, visit Mount Victoria and take in the most divine views of all.


2. Auckland

It has a diverse culture all its own with Maori, Asian, European and Polynesian influences. This adds a delightful element to Auckland, making it a place to find some very interesting and special crafts that are perfect for souvenirs. If you’re looking for adventure, you’ll find it with a host of outdoor activities that include all kinds of boating and water sports, as well as more daring encounters.


3. Queenstown

Those who love to take on thrilling outdoor sports shouldn’t miss a visit to Queenstown. But even if you prefer something tamer, Queenstown has you covered there too with scenic cruises that will soothe your spirit. Wine enthusiasts will love it here too with the 75 wineries.


4. Dunedin

It’s the oldest city in New Zealand, where you have the opportunity to see animals that you’ll never see anywhere else. That includes the only mainland albatross colony in the entire world, fur seals and penguins, to name a few. More history abounds here as well and for those that find that subject fascinating, they will delight in the distinctive architecture as well.


5. Rotorua

If you want to relax and unwind, Rotorua is the place to do it. Hot mud pools will recharge you and the geysers to impress you. There’s also a buried village and some rather interesting activities that include the Skyline Gondola – a must do! Get up close and personal with Lake Rotorua by a charter boat for another wild ride.


6. Christchurch

Perhaps one of the most stunning of all New Zealand cities, Christchurch is art in life with gorgeous views, plus it has plenty of actual arts for viewing. And while it has this whole element to it, it also provides a wonderful place to get into adventure sports. Quieter now since the earthquake in 2011, even though it is still rebuilding, it is a great city to visit.


7. Tauranga

On the North Island, it’s a surfer’s paradise. Romance is in the air at Kaiate Falls, the perfect backdrop for love. For a fun family adventure, Tauranga has amusement parks that will bring out the kid in everyone.


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