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Fun Summer Activities in New Zealand

Posted by Sherlock 03/10/2016 0 Comment(s)

Summer will soon be here and when it comes, what will you do for fun? Thankfully, New Zealand is a fun place to experience the whimsical days of summer. If you’re looking for exciting outdoor activities to fill your long summer days, here are some super suggestions!


1. Take a boat cruise

New Zealand has plenty of water surrounding it and running through it. Take advantage of this unique and beautiful landscape and book a boat cruise.


2. Row, row, row your boat

If you like a slower pace where you can explore nature on your own, then take in a kayaking or canoeing adventure on one of the calmer bodies of water. You can make a day of it and pack a picnic lunch to enjoy when you paddle from one side of the lake to the other and take photos of beautiful wildlife that you run into along the way.


3. Go fish

Whether out on a boat or along the coast, grab your rod and reel some fish in. As a bonus, you can enjoy a fresh and tasty free meal afterwards which is a pretty nice reward!


4. Find a festival

When the weather warms up, the whole country comes alive with fabulous festivals. There’s something for everyone from music festivals to food festivals. There’s beer and barbecue and heaps of good fun across the country!


5. Visit another city

Have you never been to Wellington? What about Cambridge? Try picking a New Zealand city you haven’t seen and plan an adventure there. You’ll have the pleasure of experiencing a different place, which always adds an element of excitement to things.


6. Check out a national park

New Zealand is home to 14 different national parks. All of them are packed with breathtaking scenery and a variety of activities including walking, hiking, kayaking and so much more. There are so many adventures you can have from sporty to water-based activities. Plus, you can also indulge in starry adventures and see the world in a whole new light. Looking for something more leisurely? You can also enjoy food and wine tours while there too.


7. Enjoy a staycation

If going far isn’t in the cards for you, try spending a few nights in the lap of luxury at one of the splendid Millennium Hotels & Resorts across the country. You can feel pampered as you luxuriate with a wide array of amenities designed to soothe your soul.


No matter where you spend your summer, make sure that you make it count and explore as much of the country as you can!